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Benefits of Chem Seal Asphalt Sealing
Chem Seal prevents water penetration
Prevents Water Penetration
Chem Seal® acts to prevent seepage of moisture from rain or snow. Furthermore, it prevents damage from freeze/thaw cycles by filling nearly invisible hair line cracks.
Chem Seal stops oxidation of asphalt
Stops Oxidation of Asphaltic Structures
Chem Seal® materials are highly resistant to the sun's radiation and will help protect asphalt surfaces from this type of destruction.
Chem Seal asphalt sealing resists gasoline and oil deterioration
Resists Gasoline and Oil Deterioration
Chem Seal® rubberized coal tar sealer is fortified to prevent damage from both distillates and other caustic chemicals.
Chem Seal beautifies paved areas
Beautifies Paved Areas
Chem Seal® material dries to a consistent rich slate-black color and will complement your place of residence or business.
Chem Seal provides an anti-skid safety surface
Provides an "Anti-Skid" Safety Surface
A sharp mineral aggregate is added and thoroughly mixed in each batch to provide an "anti-skid" safety surface.
Low Cost
Low in Cost
Under a continuing maintenance program, our tough, durable coating will resist wear and extend the life of the pavement almost indefinitely. Cleaning, snow removal, and pavement marking become easier. For only pennies per square foot, we save you dollars in future repair costs.
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Why Chem Seal?
Chem Seal of Ches-Mont, Inc. has been sealing, protecting and beautifying driveways, parking lots and roads in Pottstown PA and the surrounding communities since 1987.
A Chem Seal® treatment - machine applied for improved uniformity and superior life through pressure application will beautify and protect any asphalt surface.  More
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8 am - 7 pm
8 am - 7 pm
8 am - 7 pm
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